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Type Working Paper
Title Conditions in Rural Yemen: Findings from the RALP Baseline Survey
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://wwww.sfd-yemen.org/uploads/issues/Conditions in Rural Yemen Findings from the 2010 RALP​Baseline Survey-20120924-113944.pdf
Despite decades of development efforts in rural areas of Yemen, there is little systematic
reporting on conditions in these areas. In this report, which draws on a new survey that we
conducted as a baseline for the evaluation of the Rainfed Agriculture and Livestock Project
(RALP), we examine seven issues that are important for both understanding these areas
and designing effective development programs: (1) development program targeting, (2) food
security, (3) agricultural production, (4) community cooperation, (5) gender equity, (6) qat
and health expenditures, and (7) inequality. We intend for this report to be a tool for future
projects aiming to improve rural livelihoods in Yemen.

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