A view on certain conditions for economic growth in Bulgaria (2008-2013)

Type Journal Article - Managerial Economics
Title A view on certain conditions for economic growth in Bulgaria (2008-2013)
Volume 15
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 217-228
URL http://www.managerial.zarz.agh.edu.pl/EM_on_line/Managerial Economics 15(2) (2014).pdf#page=76
The stable and dynamic growth of the volume of GDP is the basis of every
economy. Despite the many critics in this respect as well as the formation of a wave
of disapproval towards the strive for constantly increasing rates of production,
economic growth still remains the major criterion of the degree of development
of every economy. This is also explained by the fact that, as a result of growth,
there is an increase in the possibilities for more complete satisfaction of the demand
of the population by increasing the amount and raising the quality of goods
and services offered; new job openings are created, the population is provided
with employment while real incomes increase; there is an improvement of labor
conditions; there are prerequisites for an improvement of the standard of living;
the technical and technological upgrade of production is stimulated; the realization
of a number of social and ecological programs becomes possible, while
health care and the fight against poverty are improved; conditions are created for
the development of the human factor; the international prestige of the country
increases, etc. (Shismanova 2013; pp. 17–18).

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