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Type Book
Title What Kind of Information Society? Governance, Virtuality, Surveillance, Sustainability, Resilience
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Publisher Springer
URL https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01054776/document
The central role of ICT in development and its ethical implications
have kept the longstanding discussions of the Digital Divide active in the
international development and research communities, with new perspectives on
how to measure and interpret this inequality. In this paper, we examine the
nature of the Digital Divide in the Maldives – between the nation’s capital and
the Atolls, between the Atolls and across the nation, and the evolution of these
divides over time. In order to inform more effective policy interventions, we
also attempt at identifying clusters within the country that share similar Digital
Divide concerns. The results show significant disparities in the penetration of
digital technologies. While we can observe the narrowing of the Digital Divide
over time, the divide remains significant between the capital and the rest of the
nation. Finally, we discuss the implications of these results to ICT development
of Small Island Developing States.

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