Barriers on the Emergence of Women as Leaders in Bhutan

Type Working Paper - Murdoch University
Title Barriers on the Emergence of Women as Leaders in Bhutan
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Women leadership is not heard or seen much, because we view the picture of leadership through patriarchal lenses. From the history of Bhutan, it can be perceived that the concept of a woman as a leader was unfamiliar until recent years. Rulers and top executives of the country were all male. However, in recent years the nation witnessed the emergence of the few women leaders. The paper examines current patterns of leadership in Bhutan in few key areas and organizations. The obstacles and challenges confronted by Bhutanese women are analyzed and found that there are social, political, cultural and religious barriers that impede women’s career advancement. The career expansion and acquiring leadership position of women is till a problem in Bhutan. The paper also uses case study of the first two national parliamentary elections of Bhutan to demonstrate the kind of women participation and range of challenges that hinders their participation.

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