Mathematics Mastery: Primary Evaluation Report

Type Report
Title Mathematics Mastery: Primary Evaluation Report
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
The Mathematics Mastery programme is a whole-school approach to teaching mathematics that aims
to raise attainment for all pupils and close the attainment gap between pupils from low income
families and their peers. The programme aims to deepen pupils’ understanding of key mathematical
concepts. Compared to traditional curricula, fewer topics are covered in more depth and greater
emphasis is placed on problem solving and on encouraging mathematical thinking.
This evaluation assessed the impact of Mathematics Mastery on pupils in Year 1, after the
programme had been implemented in schools for one year. It was intended that schools would also
begin to use the programme in Year 2 in the second year of implementation, and continue until the
approach was in place across the school. Eighty-three schools from London and the South East
participated in the trial, with a total sample of 4,176 pupils. Participating schools received training and
resources to support the adoption of the programme which was delivered by the education charity
The project was one of two evaluations of Mathematics Mastery funded by the Education Endowment
Foundation (EEF). A second project assessed the impact of Mathematics Mastery on pupils in Year 7.
An overall summary combining findings from both evaluations is available on the EEF website.

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