Cartoons and visual texts in promoting text comprehension

Type Conference Paper - 2nd International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development
Title Cartoons and visual texts in promoting text comprehension
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
City Granada
Country/State Spain
The research focuses on text comprehension and presents an
experimental training aimed at fostering inferential skills. In particular, it
explores the possibility of using visual material to develop comprehension skills
for preschool children, because studies demonstrated that comprehension of
visual and verbal texts require the activation of common cognitive processes
(Kendeou et al., 2005). The research involved 54, 5 year old children, divided
into 3 groups: one control group. In the other 2 experimental groups, the same
experimental curriculum with visual texts was implemented, consisting of 9
sessions during children explored, read and discussed 9 different texts. In one
experimental group, the intervention was individualized; in the other it took place
in a small group situation. Before and after the experiment, the following abilities
were tested: the ability to comprehend an oral text (including inferential skills),
and inferential skills in reading of iconic texts (images and cartoons). The
results obtained by statistical analysis indicate the effectiveness of the
experimental training in fostering oral text comprehension. In particular, the
individualized intervention was more productive for children with average initial
comprehension ability. Conversely the training in small group determined the
greatest improvements among children with low initial skills.

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