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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Science Agricultural Extension
Title The role of opinion leadership among maize farmers in Lesotho
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
URL http://www.repository.up.ac.za/dspace/bitstream/handle/2263/23437/00dissertation.pdf?sequence=1
The purpose of the study was to investigate the intermediary role that opinion leaders can
play in the dissemination of agricultural technologies among the rural farmers in Lesotho
in order to bridge the gap between extension and the farmers. A structured questionnaire
was administered to 200 randomly sampled maize farming households, representing a 20
percent sample, from three villages in the Qeme area, namely Ha Mohasoa, Ha Pita and
Ha Jimisi. Opinion Leadership was measured on the basis of number of nominations
within and beyond the sample.
The research findings confirm the importance of opinion leadership, which exists among
both male and female farmers, but varies according to the degree of influence (number of
nominations). Thirty-nine percent qualified based on influence as opinion leaders, but the
strong opinion leaders were between 6 – 10 percent.

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