The Nature and Determinants of Urban Youth Unemployment in Ethiopia

Type Journal Article - Nature
Title The Nature and Determinants of Urban Youth Unemployment in Ethiopia
Volume 5
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 197-205
Youth are important driving forces for social, political and economic development in any country. In Ethiopia,
youth make up approximately 28.3% of the population but the problem of youth unemployment is a central issue
of public discourse in Ethiopia. The main purpose of this study is to establish the nature and determinants of
urban youth unemployment in Ethiopia. This study employs the micro level data from Urban EmploymentUnemployment
Survey conducted between 2006 and 2011 by Ethiopian Central Statistics Authority. The study
mainly applies logistic regression model to examine the relationship between urban youth unemployment and a
set of explanatory variables. The Study reveals that the prevalence of urban youth is still high as compared to the
total unemployment rate though the urban youth unemployment decreased between 2006 and 2011. The situation
is very critical for young women who suffer higher unemployment rates than young men in urban areas of the
country over the study period. The logistic regression model shows that place of residence (regions), gender, age
categories, and marital status significantly affect the urban youth unemployment in Ethiopia. Surprisingly,
education did not guarantee the employability of youth in urban areas of Ethiopia. Thus, the study points out that
government must work more on enhancing the public and private labor market information and educational
structure based on the labor demand of the economy. In addition, the study underlines the need for policy that
focuses on gender sensitive urban-center employment initiatives to improve the employability of the youth.

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