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Type Working Paper
Title Working Environment for Female Employees in Bangladesh Corporate Sector Organizations: An Exploratory Study
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL http://sjpg.pactu.edu.np/system/files/journal/articles/4_akram-hossain_working-environment-for-femal​e-employees-in-bangladesh-cbos.pdf
The participation of women in employment has been increasing gradually in Bangladesh despite
challenges and constraints due to the lack of congenial working environment. The issue of working
environment is more significant when women are concerned. The objective of this study is to explore
the work environment for the female employees at corporate sector organizations (CSOs) in
the purview of three major areas- physical, human and policy initiatives- to identify the difficulties
and challenges women are facing; to find out the reasons and to recommend appropriate actions
to address the problems. The scope of this study is limited to the everyday experiences of
female officials in three national and international CSOs. The study found some cases of discrimination,
incidences of sexual harassment and identified a few challenging facts for female
employees. This paper has also incorporated some recommendations provided by respondents to
promote women-friendly working environment in their workplace.

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