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Black, Richard, Jonathan Crush, Sally Peberdy, Savina Ammassari, Lyndsay M Hilker, Shannon Mouillesseaux, Claire Pooley, and Radha Rajkotia. Migration and development in Africa: An overview. : Southern African Migration Project and the Centre for Globalization, Poverty and Migration of Sussex University, 2006.
Journal Article
Black, Richard, Lyndsay Mclean Hilker, and Claire Pooley. "Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in East Africa." (2004).
Conference Paper
Jacob, Sergot, Sami Aburoza, Deng Hoc D Yai, Lyndsay Bird, Naoko Arakawa, Anna Azaryeva, Education Peacebuilding, Marie-Claude Rouillard, and Chloé Chimier. "Education & Development Post 2015: Reflecting, Reviewing, Re-Visioning. Rebuilding Resilience In A Changing World: Conflict And Crisis Sensitive Approaches To Planning And Programming For Education Systems." 12th Ukfiet International Conference On Education And Development. September 10-12, 2013.
Showing 1-4 of 4