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Type Working Paper
Title Should Nigeria introduce Free Tuition or Increase School Expenditures in Primary Schools to improve Human Capital?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://www.ruor.uottawa.ca/bitstream/10393/30740/1/Affiche_Ambie-Barango.pdf
In 2004, a free tuition policy was introduced in Nigeria, in
order to increase the enrolment levels into primary schools
and junior secondary schools. The main purpose of this
research is to determine if this policy is best to improve
human capital in Nigeria.This research is based on the
assumption that a country’s human capital is dependent on
the quality of schools, as well as the enrolment levels. A
model is calibrated and simulated to predict the impact of a
free tuition policy and a policy of increased school
expenditures on school enrolment and quality of schools

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