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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master?s thesis
Title Climate change and migration Impacts on Bangladesh’s coastal inhabitants
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL http://lup.lub.lu.se/luur/download?func=downloadFile&recordOId=3807138&fileOId=3814921
Considering the present environmental degradations, Bangladesh is one of the most affected and vulnerable countries in the world. In particular, its coastal areas are prone to frequent environmental changes. More people are now displaced by climate change than by war (Mehreb 2006: 27). Environmental vulnerabilities have already contributed to large permanent migrations each and every year, almost all over the coastal areas. Objectives of this study are to investigate the impact of environmental change on this migration; pertaining to the coastal area of Bangladesh and also to attempt to find out a widespread pattern of environmental migratory moves, its pervasiveness and consequences. To correlate the association of climate change with migration in this present study, I used various secondary data sources that are in agreement with the above background and stated research problem. The analysis of these secondary data assists us in understanding the climate-based factors of human migration. For easy understanding, the findings are discussed below after analyzing and interpreting the collected secondary data under sub-headings (i.e. social, economic, political perspectives). Concerning the climate change issue on migration, proper investment is essential to make policies and programs; to protect people from environmental risks, reduce involuntary migration and support the displaced populations.

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Javed, Imtiaz. "Climate change and migration Impacts on Bangladesh’s coastal inhabitants." Master?s thesis , Lund University, 2013.
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