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Title Tropical storm Mahasen final assessment report (Phase 3 Shelter, WASH, Early Recovery Detailed Assessment Bangladesh 2013)
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL 3 Needs Assessment of Tropical Storm​Mahasen.pdf?sequence=1
The assessment report presented the findings on the effectiveness of signal dissemination and functional institutions on Tropical storm Mahasen that made landfall on May 16, 2013 in the Barisal division of southern Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) raised a Signal 7 warning, alerting people to take shelter in tropical storm shelters and solid mud-brick structures. As a result of the successful early warning, more than 1 million people living in the storm’s path were evacuated to storm shelters leading to a much smaller loss of life than expected.
GoB reported that 17 casualties as a result of the tropical storm with 463,303 people directly affected and regarding shelter 23,539 totally destroyed and 109,687 partially damaged. The highlights of the findings are : - Displacement was not the concern only 3% displacement found in this assessment is likely due to normal seasonal displacement and not resulting from Mahasen
- Study recommended that priority assistance should be in the form of rehabilitating improved sanitation facilities.
- The study recommended for cash assistance for livelihood resumption to avoid negative coping strategy targeting the most affected livelihoods , particularly for the daily labour and marginal farmers
- Considering the vulnerability of the area to tidal surge, storm and cyclone, climate resilient agriculture/livelihoods is recommended
- DRR awareness and preparedness by local communities
- Early warning focusing on saving lives as well as livelihoods to be promoted in the coastal districts

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