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Type Journal Article - Genus
Title Inferring gender-power: women’s schooling and relative spousal influence in childbearing in Ghana
Volume 66
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://scistat.cilea.it/index.php/genus/article/view/211
ur analysis of data on married couples from the 1988-2003 Ghana Demographic and Health Surveys demonstrates men's influence in childbearing decisions increased during a time when women's education was on the rise. This time period marked the beginning of a rapid fertility decline in Ghana, but while women’s education remained a significant predictor of contraceptive use, education became significantly less important while men’s fertility preferences became significantly more important. The findings suggest that traditional cultures of marriage in sub-Saharan Africa that endorse men’s authority in reproductive decision-making will probably not be easily overcome by higher levels of women’s education.

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