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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship
Title Higher education in agriculture and sustainable development in Haiti
Issue Special Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 36-53
URL http://www.ijsse.org/conference/images/presented papers/ijsse_special_issue_2_36_53.pdf
During the last thirty years, environmental and agricultural indicators of Haiti have been
declining. This situation has had bad consequences over the Haitian population life. At the same
times, a number of institutions in Higher education in agriculture are increasing. However, until
now, there are no studies that focus on the curriculum of such institutions in relation to a
sustainable development of the country. Therefore, a curriculum evaluation of two representative
institutions of higher education in agriculture in Haiti has been carrying out since January 2012.
The purpose of this study is to find out how the curriculum of those institutions contributes to a
sustainable development of the agricultural and environmental sector of Haiti. A case study of
two institutions (one public and one private) is considered in this work to achieve this purpose.
This paper aims to present the primary results of this study at this first Annual International
Interdisciplinary Conference on "Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: From Lifestyles to
Innovative Enterprises in Creative and Sustainable Economies" at the Kenya School of Monetary
Studies Campus from April 2th to 4th, 2014.

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