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Type Journal Article - Monographs of official statistics
Title IPUMS-Europe: Confidentiality measures for licensing and disseminating restricted-access census microdata extracts to academic users
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2005
Page numbers 37-46
URL http://edz.bib.uni-mannheim.de/www-edz/pdf/eurostat/05/KS-73-05-623-EN.pdf#page=33
Confi dentiality protections for census microdata depend not only on the sensitivity and heterogeneity of the
data, but also on the potential users. It is widely recognized that statistical agencies exert substantial effort to protect microdata
from misuse by academics, their most trust-worthy users. The IPUMS-International projects, by disseminating only
integrated, anonymized microdata and restricting access to licensed academic users, shifts the risk-utility curve sharply
rightward—substantial increasing utility with only marginal increments in risk. The IPUMS-International approach provides
access to microdata of high utility at the same time that confi dentiality risks are minimized. Many statistical institute
partners anonymize the microdata and implement technical measures of confi dentiality protection before the data are entrusted
to the project. This paper discusses legal, administrative and technical practices of the IPUMS-International project
for disseminating harmonized census microdata extracts with specifi c reference to the IPUMS-Europe regional initiative

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