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Type Journal Article - Journal of Aging Science
Title Majority of Elderly Sedentary Kenyans Show Unfavorable Body Composition and Cardio-Metabolic Fitness
Volume 4
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL https://www.esciencecentral.org/journals/majority-of-elderly-sedentary-kenyans-show-unfavorable-body​-compositionand-cardiometabolic-fitness-2329-8847-1000160.pdf
Chronic disease, more prevalent among the elderly, is influenced by body composition and cardio-metabolic
Aim: In this study, body composition, cardiovascular, and metabolic function in sedentary but healthy Kenyan
individuals of ≥ 50 years was determined.
Methods: For 53 volunteers from Eldoret, Kenya, their biological, demographic characteristics, metabolic
functions, cardiovascular performance, and body composition measurements were done before they were subjected
to a Shuttle Run Test (SRT). Following SRT, their cardiovascular parameters were measured, and maximal oxygen
consumption estimated. Fasting blood sugars and lipid profiles were measured after a 12-hour fast.
Results: For males and females, respectively, the following parameters were recorded: average ages 55.5 ± 3.0
and 53.9 ± 3.0 years, BMI > 24.9 Kg/M2
in 67% and 88.5%, waist-to-height ratio ≥ 0.5 in 70% and 88.5%, waist–hip
ratio 78% ( ≥ 0.90 ) and 38.5% (≥ 0.85), and blood pressure >140/90 mmHg in 22.2% and 23.1%. Pre-diabetic to
diabetic values were found in 70.4% males and 88.5% females. The percent body fat was 22.3 ± 8.0 and 38.3 ± 4.69
in males and females, respectively. Lipid profile for males and females, respectively, showed high Total Cholesterol
(TC) in 48.1% and 42.3%, anomalous Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) in 29.6% and 26.9%, lower than normal HDL
levels in 29.6% and 23.1%, elevated triglycerides in 22.2% and 7.7%, abnormal TC/HDL ratio in 44.4% and 38.5%
females, higher LDL/HDL in 33.3% and 34.6%, and critical Triglycerides/HDL levels in 7.4% and 3.8%. Overall,
51.9% of males and 53.8% of females showed features consistent with metabolic syndrome.
Conclusion: Majority of elderly sedentary Kenyans have body compositions and cardio-metabolic profiles below
that for good cardiopulmonary fitness.

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