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Type Journal Article - Sustainable Cities and Society
Title Energy supply, consumption and access dynamics in Botswana
Volume 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 76-84
URL http://centaur.reading.ac.uk/35842/1/Botswana Energy Supply Paper-SCS-Centaur.pdf
The growing dependence on electricity for economic growth in all countries prompts the need to manage current
resources for future sustainability. In today’s world, greater emphasis is placed on energy conservation for
energy security and for the development of every economy. However, for some countries understanding the
basic drivers to such achievements is farfetched. The research presented in this paper investigates the electricity
generation and access potential for Botswana. In addition detailed documentation and 13 years energy
consumption and generation trends are investigated. Using questionnaires and empirical studies the energy
demand for the entire nation was estimated. From the research it was established that current energy generation
trends account for 38- 39% of the country’s population with access to electricity. Considering the percentage
rate of sector energy demand, the proposed total installed capacity of 1332 MW, would not meet the country's
energy demand at 100% access. The likely consequence of the lack of adequate supply would cumulate to
significant increase of imports and/or load shedding to meet demand.

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Essah, Emmanuel A, and Eng L Ofetotse. "Energy supply, consumption and access dynamics in Botswana." Sustainable Cities and Society (2014).
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