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Type Journal Article - Archives of Business Research
Title Investigating Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship Development in Botswana
Volume 3
Issue 6
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://sseuk.org/index.php/ABR/article/viewFile/1722/921
This study was conducted in order to explore the factors that affect
entrepreneurship development in Botswana. Furthermore, it went on to
investigate if there is any relationship between education and entrepreneurial
success. Lastly the paper investigates problems and some of the barriers that
hinder potential entrepreneurs from engaging in new venture creation or
enhancement of existing businesses. The data used for this research was
collected through the use of questionnaire which was distributed to
respondents in the two most populated cities of Botswana being Gaborone and
Francistown.* * The results shows that the main factors that affect
entrepreneurial development in Botswana are, Research and Development;
Education & Training; Government Entrepreneurial programs and Government
Policies which are all found to constrain entrepreneurship development
because they are lacking in terms of advancing entrepreneurial activity in
Botswana. The results further show that there is no strong relationship
between education and entrepreneurship development. Lastly the results of
this study show that bureaucracy and ineffective implementation of
government policies stifles entrepreneurial development. We recommend that
the government should review its policies meant to enhance entrepreneurial
activity because to date they have been found to be ineffective. Further, the
education system especially targeted at entrepreneurial development has to be
revamped to align it to the ones observed in successful nations across the globe.
Lastly bureaucracies in govern structures that are meant to enhances
entrepreneurial development has to be minimized.

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Radikoko, Ishmael, Baagi Maswabi, and Mashoko Dzimiri. "Investigating Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship Development in Botswana." Archives of Business Research 3, no. 6 (2015).
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