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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Research in Management and Social Science
Title A Gendered Perspective on The Challenges To Successful Intervention Approaches on Poverty Reduction Strategies in Baringo North Sub County.
Volume 2
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 27-39
URL http://www.irmss.net/index.php/jom/article/viewFile/18/11
Poverty still remains a major challenge globally and this trend trickles down to Africa. This
dimension is further intricate when it comes to how poverty is addressed and put into a gender
perspective. Globally, women are more vulnerable to the effects of poverty compared to men and
this stifles the wheels of development. Community projects have been put in place to address the
issue of poverty although there have been challenges that have been encountered yet it is thought
that communities would openly embrace given poverty reduction projects. This paper sets to
investigate the challenges to successful intervention approaches on poverty reduction strategies
in Baringo North Sub- County from a gendered perspective. The target population for the study
comprised of 2400 households with the subjects of investigation encompassing household heads
within the project areas, community stakeholders, district development officers and the officials
involved in the projects. Simple randomized ex-post facto design was used for the study with 180
individuals as the sample size. There was a triangulation of research instruments where selfadministered
questionnaires, key informant interview schedules, and focused group discussion
guides used. Qualitative data was analyzed using thematic analysis while quantitative data
entailed the use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) where descriptive statistics was

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