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Type Working Paper
Title Students' Absenteeism in Afghan Schools
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:843266/FULLTEXT01.pdf
Students' absenteeism is high in Afghanistan. There are various reasons associated with boy
and girl students' absenteeism. This research is conducted to collect the views of parents and
teachers about reasons of boy and girl students' absenteeism in higher secondary classes of
Kabul city schools; it also explores the various strategies used by parents and teachers to
improve students' attendance. Data was collected through a questionnaire in 10 schools. 83%
teachers and 95% parents replied to the questions, the collected data was then categorized and
presented for schools, parents, teachers, girls and boys. Absenteeism more likely affects
academic achievements of students, causes disintegration from school life and drop out from
school in severe cases.
Findings of the study show that there are various financial, environmental, cultural
and family related factors that hinder students' attendance, but girl students' attendance is
particularly affected by cultural and family related reasons while boy students' attendance is
affected by lack of motivation, bullying and weak school regulations. Despite higher
absenteeism, it is good indication that parents and teachers have taken up some strategies to
reduce students' absenteeism. Educated parents are more tolerant and supportive of their girls'
education and likewise qualified teacher deal more professionally on tackling students'
absenteeism. Government has established parents' shuras (councils) in schools but a robust
coordination and support system needs to be established among Government, parents and
teachers to improve both girl and boy students' attendance in schools.

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Totakhail, Jannat Gul. "Students' Absenteeism in Afghan Schools." (2015).
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