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Type Working Paper
Title Operationalizing pro-poor growth: case study Vietnam
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
URL http://dgroups.org/file2.axd/b4df4308-a622-456e-a903-2ce4c6c0e451/Vietnam_Oct_4_.doc
Thirty years after the end of the war between the two parts of the country Vietnam is considered as a potential new Asian “tiger”, combining high rates of economic growth with outstanding success in poverty reduction. These achievements, however, did only occur after the ruling Communist leaders have implemented major economic reforms since the mid 80s as a reaction to a deep economic crisis. Under the name of doi moi - meaning renovation – the reform package that is still not yet completed aims at internal economic liberalization and external re-integration in order to catch-up again with the already successful Asian neighbour countries.

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