Report on land utilization - Dire Dawa

Type Corporate Author
Title Report on land utilization - Dire Dawa
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 1-44
Publisher Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia
City Addis Ababa
Country/State Ethiopia
This chapter deals with the data on land holding for rural and urban private holdings on land use findings from the results of the agricultural census for Dire Dawa Region. It covers data on farm holdings by type and size of land holdings; population in agricultural households both in rural and urban areas of private holding that are disaggregated by size of land holdings; land area and fragmentation by type of land use and size of holding; cropland area by crop categories and finally it treats data on area under land tenure systems. Furthermore, since Dire Dawa is a small region without zone and wereda, tables providing different regional results are presented in statistical Tables 4.1-4.7. Moreover, estimates, standard errors (SE) and coefficient of variations (CV) are given in Annex Tables 4.1-4.4.2 for some variables.

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