South African national burden of disease study. Mortality estimates for Western Cape Province, 2000

Type Report
Title South African national burden of disease study. Mortality estimates for Western Cape Province, 2000
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2000
Page numbers 0-0
Publisher Medical Research Council
City Cape Town
Country/State South Africa
Timeous and accurate cause of death statistics are an essential component of the information needed for planning and monitoring health services and responding to the health needs of the population. Such information is required for the process of prioritisation of not only health services, programmes and research, but also for guiding the priorities in other sectors. In particular, sub-population data are needed to identify and monitor inequalities in health status. While policy is directed from a national perspective, provincial and local government need to respond to the specific needs of their communities. Efforts to improve cause of death statistics in South Africa have been under way since 1994, and have resulted in better coverage of death registration. However, the system does not yet routinely provide cause of death statistics that can be used by provinces. The Initial Burden of Disease Study that applied the burden of disease approach developed by the WHO and used available information and presenting it in a format that is relevant for planning health and other services (Bradshaw et al., 2003). This study makes use of more recent data, namely the 12% sample of deaths for 1997-2001. However, due to under-registration of deaths, it was necessary to estimate the total number of deaths and number of AIDS deaths using a demographic and epidemiological model. It was also necessary to make adjustments for mis-classification of underlying causes due to inadequacies in the medical certification of the cause of death as a result of both poor certification by medical doctors and
certification by traditional headmen in some rural areas. Full details of the methods used to estimate the number of deaths, the death rates and the years of life lost (YLLs) for each province according to the South African Burden of Disease list are given in the report Estimates of Provincial Mortality by Bradshaw et al. (2004).

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