Nutrition, health and demographic survey of Bangladesh-2011

Type Working Paper - Institute of Nutrition and Food Science University of Dhaka; USAID Bangladesh
Title Nutrition, health and demographic survey of Bangladesh-2011
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
The Nutrition, Health and Demographic Survey of Bangladesh-2011 (NHDSBD-2011) is the newest ever leading comprehensive survey conducted in Bangladesh. It is a representative household sample survey, which is independently designed and implemented by a group of teachers of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science (INFS), University of Dhaka with financial support of USAID Bangladesh. A large body of Research Team including Fahmida Akter as a Research Associate was involved in this survey.
The NHDSBD-2011 attempts to address the most national concern of nutrition, health and demographic issues of the mass population of the county. It is the 5th survey of this line conducted in Bangladesh and is initiated after 17 years of the last survey (1996) conducted by INFS, University of Dhaka. Since its inception, the INFS, DU conducted 4 nationwide surveys (1964, 1975-76, 1982 and 1996) in limited households (700 to 1300 hh), most of which focused on the nutrition aspects along with little health issue. The NHDSBD-2011 is conducted on vast number of households (~7000 hh comprising 31066 people) of both rural and urban settings among representative mass population of the country. This survey provides up-to-date information on nutrition, health and demographic profile and social progress including socioeconomic condition, food security, sanitation and hygiene, child and maternal health and nutrition, family planning, women empowerment, domestic violence, AIDS/STDs/STIs/TB/NCDs related knowledge, attitude and prevalence.
Members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of experts from government, non- governmental and international organizations as well as researchers and professionals working in the Health, Nutrition and Population Sector, put forth their valuable opinion in major phases of the survey
We hope that the survey findings would essentially be useful for monitoring and assessment as well as development of Nutrition, Health Population Sectors Program and to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) of Bangladesh.

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