Impact evaluation of strengthening the national MR Programme in Bangladesh

Type Working Paper
Title Impact evaluation of strengthening the national MR Programme in Bangladesh
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL Evaluation of Strengthening the​National MR Programme in Bangladesh.pdf
The study titled “Impact Evaluation of Strengthening the National MR Programme in Bangladesh” was undertaken by BIDS and sponsored by the Policy and operations Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands.
The main purpose of the study has been to assess the effectiveness of the activities implemented under the MR project and provide a comprehensive analysis on different aspects of the rights-based approach implemented by MSCS and FPAB. While not all aspects related to program design and implementation mechanism of the two agencies could be covered within the limited scope, the evaluation has attempted to assess the impact of MR intervention and to identify major issues involved in management and implementation of rights-based approach with regard to MR.
A variety of research tools were employed including structured interviews, FGDs, and key informant interviews. In addition to analysis of secondary sources of information, data has been collected from a range of organizations and different stakeholders including program managers, service providers, communities leaders, and of course, the MR clients. Attempts have been made to identify bottlenecks in improving the MR service delivery, measures needed to ensure access to safe MR and improving quality of services.

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