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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Dissertation
Title Attaining the Millennium Development Goal 4 of Reducing Child Mortality in Ghana: the Role of Foreign Aid
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 0-0
URL http://ugspace.ug.edu.gh/bitstream/handle/123456789/5878/Peter Okoe Agoe_Attaining the Millennium​Development Goal 4 of Reducing Child Mortality in Ghana. The Role of Foreign Aid_2013.pdf?sequence=1
Children represent an important resource base of every nation and their health therefore becomes an integral part of national development. The quest for the attainment of MDG 4: reducing child mortality by two thirds, is therefore welcome. The increased prominence of foreign aid in developing countries is an established fact and the subsequent calls by G8 members to scale-up aid delivery for the attainment of the MDGs represent the importance of these goals for enhancing development. This work seeks to assess the role of foreign aid in attaining MDG 4 in Ghana. The specific objectives of this study are to examine the health sector development issues of Ghana within the framework of the MDG 4 and to examine whether health aid to Ghana has contributed, if any, to the improvement in reducing child mortality levels/rates. The qualitative research approach was used to gather, analyse, and interpret the data. Primary data was gathered through interviews from the MoH, GHS and DPs such as WHO Ghana, DFID and USAID. Interviews were conducted based on the semi-structured interview format and this data was supported with relevant secondary data. From the research, health sector development concerning child mortality is on the right course as policies and programmes are underway in the bid to achieve MDG 4. The study has further shown that foreign aid has played a significant role in the reduction of child mortality in Ghana through the provision of various forms of support such as budget support, technical assistance, capacity building, healthcare facilities, and equipment. The study also portrayed socio-cultural practices and low economic status as the current challenges inhibiting the attainment of MDG 4 in Ghana.

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