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Type Journal Article - OSSREA Bulletin
Title Traditional Gender Roles in Energy Conservation in Madagascar: Focus on Gender Mainstreaming Politics in the Fokontany of Amboniriana
Volume 10
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 62-0
URL http://www.ossrea.net/publications/images/stories/ossrea/bulltien-october-2013.pdf
Biomass, physical and thermic energies represent high sources of economic development if their production is sustainable. As they are renewable, their conservation is a priority and so far there has hardly been any research on the subject on Madagascar, whose decision-makers have signed CEDAW and the MDG international commitments to explore women empowerment. Thus, gender equality and equity would be visible in the energy-related services and policies. However, researches and surveys undertaken in this particular field in the Fokontany of Amboniriana seem to confirm that the notion of “sameness” pervades instead. In fact, unrepaired micro-hydroelectric equipment, the waste of energy it entails, women’s heavy and unpaid labour at home and their inaccessibility to clean fuel resources result from confused traditional gender roles which can be obstacles or possibly stepping- stones to gender mainstreaming policies. Answering the survey questions and conversations has triggered public gender awareness and willingness to voice gender needs to investors.

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