Development of the cities of Mali.Challenges and priorities

Type Working Paper - Africa Region Working Paper Series
Title Development of the cities of Mali.Challenges and priorities
Issue 104/a
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Taking its outset in a description of the urban sector in Mali, this report explores the most promising entry points for future urban and municipal development. Mali is much less urbanized than other countries in the region but its urban areas are growing very rapidly. Mali’s cities already play a preponderant role in creating the country’s wealth.
The lack of access to basic services and infrastructure lies at the heart of Mali’s urban development problems. This situation is caused by a shortage of funds for urban development, which are far from commensurate with the rapid pace of urbanization. Efforts to improve urban management will have to be stepped up as part of the decentralization process and a trong Government commitment to the urban sector is strategically important with respect to economic development objectives and fighting poverty.
On the basis of the review of the urban sector, this report recommends continuing efforts on two levels: (i) on the level of a limited number of individual cities through targeted activities carried out under Municipal Contracts, and (ii) at the national level through cross-cutting accompanying measures to increase resources available for urban development, promote local economic development, improve the land markets and increase the production of plots, ensure financing and functioning of basic services, reinforce cooperation between municipalities, and equip the cities with urban planning tools.

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