Lack of a will or of a way?

Type Working Paper
Title Lack of a will or of a way?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
The present paper attempts to analyse some of the shortcomings that have impeded efforts in the field of disability in Afghanistan. After an overview of recent disability initiatives, this article presents elements that have contributed to the limited impact. To overcome identified gaps, it is argued that Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach constitutes a relevant framework for designing disability policy and implementation. While the definition of human development has evolved considerably over the past decade, the translation of this change often remains at the theoretical level, without any visible impact on the policy-making process and in terms of well-being. We argue that one reason for this gap is the paucity of knowledge, and the insufficient focus placed on enhancing the agency of vulnerable groups. Through the example of the National Disability Survey in Afghanistan (NDSA) the paper discusses the need for scientific-based knowledge and the challenges of a research initiative based on the Capability Approach to inform policy design and implementation: design of research tools and methodology for analysing disability issues.

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