Study on the Important Issues of Child Rights in Pakistan

Type Working Paper - The Dialogue
Title Study on the Important Issues of Child Rights in Pakistan
Volume 6
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 14-30
URL Dialogue/6_1/Dialogue_January_March2011_13-30.pdf
The study has helped to identify the important issues of children in Pakistan, during 2004-2008. This research article aims to inform practitioners and policy makers, in an effort to move child rights and children's plight in especially difficult circumstances to the forefront of the public conscience. The value and importance of children has also been highlighted in the study. The efficacy of the implementation of child rights by Pakistani Government has also been revealed. The study revealed that the issues of children were over shadowed in Pakistan during the last few years. The Convention on the Rights of Child did not serve as a guaranteed savior. Education, security and social rights were not given proper attention during the last five years due to which, much effective results were not produced in improving child rights. Although the needs of children and their rights, particularly social and security rights were well understood, but were not well addressed, both on social and political platform. The study concluded that Pakistan was unsuccessful in addressing the issues of Children in Pakistan to its best as the issues of children were found in a vulnerable state.

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