Citizenship Education in Pakistan

Type Journal Article - Developing Country Studies
Title Citizenship Education in Pakistan
Volume 4
Issue 16
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 19-26
The purpose of writing this paper is to assess the importance of citizenship education as a part of curriculum. How we can use citizenship education to make young students good citizens. The study is done in Pakistani context with the comparison of countries having well established system of citizenship education, like Canada and UK. Pakistan is a new country and it has inherited many difficult problems from its former rulers, such as illiteracy poverty, disease and social misery. Citizens should not only take interest in the problems of the country, but also participate in solving them. Citizenship education is the most effective way of making people civil so that they can contribute in the development of their country. Citizenship education is necessary for students to become responsible and active citizens of the country. A right approach is needed to establish a strong citizenship education system in Pakistan. The system must include the understanding of updated economic, social and political happenings of the country especially the democratic system. This can encourage students to effectively participate for the right development of their country.

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