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Type Journal Article - Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences
Title Influencing Factors of Unsafe Sexual Practices among Dodoma University Students, Tanzania
Volume 4
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL http://www.japss.org/upload/13. Influencing of unsafe sexual practice.pdf
Most of the university students are at the age of adolescence and young adulthood. This age group is sexually active and relatively higher HIV prevalence rate of transmission than general population. The youth including students are as they tend to have shorter relationships with many partners before marriage (THIS 2005). The main intention of the present study is to know the influencing factors of unsafe sex and condom use practices among the university students in Tanzania. A purposive sampling method was applied in selecting number of respondents to represent the different faculties and courses from the univers ity. The students from each course were selected randomly regardless of their year of study. The researcher used structured questionnaire as a tool for primary data collection. Conclusions may be summed up as; Most of the students age group is below 30 ye ars and staying in the hostels. University hostels influencing the chances of having sexual intercourse among the students. Accessibility of the partners and university environment influencing them to have sexual intercourse in the university hotels. Pover ty is the one of the cause for unsafe sex among the girl students due to high costs of food and other daily expenditures, making them to choose sexual partners for money. Alcohol and peer group influencing students towards unsafe sexual practices. Nearly h alf of the students are not using condoms with their regular partner.

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