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Type Working Paper
Title Uganda Human Resource For Health Strategic Plan: Potholes in the planned path to 2020.
URL http://fs.ucmb.co.ug/ucmbdocs/Articles/UGANDA HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGIC PLAN.pdf
Too few overburdened and overstressed health workers, without the support they so badly need – losing the fight. Many are collapsing under the strain; many are dying, especially from AIDS; and many are seek ing a better life and more rewarding work by departing for the richer countries”. This is typical of Uganda. Uganda has just produced its Human Resource for Health Strategic Plan aimi ng to improve HRH situation. Forced by macroe conomic straight jackets, and no t by foreseen needs, the plan is very conservative. This paper ar gues that the plan contains some weak premises and contradictions all which may negatively affect it in the implementation period and questions whether it is st rategic enough to achieve its goal.

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