Caring and learning together: A case study of Jamaica

Type Book
Title Caring and learning together: A case study of Jamaica
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Publisher Paris: UNESCO. Lavy Victor, Palumbo Michael and Stern Steven
This is one of several country reports contributing to global understanding of integration
processes, specifically the integration of early childhood care and education services under
Ministry of Education auspices. It is part of the
Caring and Learning Together: Cross-National
Research Project on the Integration of Early Childhood Care and Education,
implemented as
part of UNESCO’s 2008-2009 biennial programme. The report was co-funded by UNICEF.
The structure of the report follows a design provided by UNESCO with specific questions under
topic headings stipulated by a Master Questionnaire that was provided to all countries for
consistency. The authors take full responsibility for
the content of the report itself. Although the
focus of the report is on the administrative integration of early childhood development under one
ministry, that of education, it will be noted that
several of the Jamaican country players discuss,
and are working towards, integr
ation in its broader meanings.

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