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Type Journal Article - North American journal of medical sciences
Title Health of Females in Jamaica: using two cross-sectional surveys
Volume 1
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 272-278
URL http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3364620/
The 21st Century cannot see the examination of health status of elderly, population, children and adolescents; but not for females.

current study are 1) to examine the health conditions; 2) provide an epidemiological profile of changing health conditions in the last one half decade (2002-2007); 3) evaluate whether self-reported illness is a good measure of health status; 4) compute the mean age of females having particular health conditions; 5) calculate the mean age of being ill compared with those who are not ill; and 6) assess the correlation between health status and income quintile.

Methods and Results:
In 2002, a subsample of 12,675 females was extracted from the sample of 25,018 respondents and for 2007; a subsample of 3,479 females was extracted from 6,783 respondents

There is reduction in the mean age of females reported being diagnosed with chronic illness such as diabetes mellitus (60.54 ± 17.14 years); hypertension (60.85 ± 16.93 years) and arthritis 59.72 ± 15.41 years). The greatest decline in mean age of chronically ill diagnosed females was in arthritic cases (by 7.41 years). Concurrently, the mean age of females with unspecified health conditions fell by (33%, from 54.62 ± 21.77 years in 2002 to 36.42 ± 23.69 years in 2007).

Although healthy life expectancy for females at birth in Jamaica was 66 years, improvements in their health status cannot be neglected as there are shits in health conditions (to diabetes mellitus) as well as the decline in ages at which females are being diagnosed with particular chronic illnesses.

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