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Title Sex differentials in childhood mortality revisited: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
URL http://www.iussp.org/sites/default/files/event_call_for_papers/IUSSP_Sex differentials in childhood​mortality in SSA.pdf
There is no consensus in the literature on male - female differen tials in c hildhood mort ality. Moreover , m ost of the relevant studies on this subject are now outdated . This gives credence to the need to examine the current data on sex differentials in childhood mortality. This study examines male - female differentials in under - fiv e mortality in sub - Saharan Africa. Data for this study came from the latest Demographic and Health Surveys in eight sub - Saharan African countries. A nalysis was restricted to births in the five years preceding the survey. Descriptive and inferential statist ics were employed in data analysis. Cox proportional hazard regression was employed at the multivariate level. Results showed that risks of under - five death were significantly higher among males in Ethiopia (Hazard Ratio (HR): 1.36 , c onfidence interval (CI ) : 1.09 - 1.68, p< 0.0 5 ), Nigeria (HR : 1.15 , CI: 1.06 - 1.24 , p <0.05), Zambia (HR: 1.29, CI: 1.07 - 1.56, p <0.05 ) and Zimbabwe (HR: 1.37, CI: 1.08 - 1.73 , p<0.0 5 ). Adjusted HR indicates a narrowed gender gap in childhood mortality in Congo DR and Zambia. Findings sugge st that sex discrimination in child care in favour of boys may be a key factor in these countries . Elimination of discrimination against female children is likely to lead to further reduction in childhood mortality in these countries .

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