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Type Conference Paper - UNRISD conference on the “Social and Political Dimensions of the Global Crisis: Implications for Developing Countries”
Title The Opportunities of the Global Crisis for Social Policy Enhancement in Senegal
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
City Geneva
URL http://www.unrisd.org/80256B3C005BD6AB/(httpAuxPages)/116BFCFB01D47A66C12576A200567079/$file/FayePau​l.pdf
This paper provides a critical analysis of the social policies considered and implemented by the Senegalese government in response to the global financial and economic crisis. The crisis occurs in the country at a period when the economy was seriously ailing following the recent surge in foods and fuel prices. The analysis shows that the country should undertaken structural reforms to reduce its vulnerability to external shocks. Also, it needs to do more on social protection policies to mitigate the social impact of the crisis and minimize cutbacks in investments in human capital critical to long-term growth and social stability.

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