Basic Pensions and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa

Type Working Paper - The WDA-HSG Discussion Paper Series on Demographic Issues No. 2010/2
Title Basic Pensions and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
This paper explores the role of basic pensions in reducing poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Using the most recent Senegalese household income-expenditure data survey, we set up scenarios of universal and means-tested basic pension schemes with different generosity levels. Simulations suggest that basic pension benefits have sizable impact on poverty decline among household, with elderly members, which translates into large decreases in aggregate poverty measures. The paper also analyzes the fiscal costs of basic pensions and shows that these are fiscally affordable as long as pension levels are reasonable. This suggests that basic pension programs could be financially sustainable in
sub-Saharan African.

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