Operationalizing Pro-Poor Growth: Ghana Case Study (Draft)

Type Report
Title Operationalizing Pro-Poor Growth: Ghana Case Study (Draft)
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
URL http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ernest_Aryeetey/publication/228638321_Operationalizing_Pro-Poor_​Growth_Ghana_Case_Study/links/544147e80cf2a6a049a56dd2.pdf
This paper is prepared as part of the multi-donor Operationalising Pro-Poor Growth
study, which is focusing on aiming to provide advice to governments on how to facilitate
the involvement of poor people in the growth process. It is prepared as one of 14 case
studies prepared as part of this project, and following a common outline structure and
analytic approach. The case study papers are prepared to assess country-level evidence
on the relationships between growth performance and trends in poverty, and on how this
can be enhanced. This implies therefore an analysis which combines macro and sectoral
analysis of the determinants of growth and its distributional pattern, with more microlevel
poverty analysis. While much of the analysis investigating the links between patterns
of growth and changes in poverty is historical, assessing past evidence, there is also
an important forward looking component on how poverty-reducing growth can be initiated,
sustained or enhanced.

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