Changes in Girls' Lives: Malawi from 1990 to 1997.

Type Report
Title Changes in Girls' Lives: Malawi from 1990 to 1997.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1999
Increased awarenes of the importance of girls' education within Malawi and internationaly resulted in the implementation of many changes in girls' education during the 190s. By 197, the number of girls enroled in primary schol was twice the level in 190, and girls' share of enrolment increased from 45 to 48 percent. Malawi improved girls' enrolment by using a broad combination of strategies. Tuition fes for girls were waived. The number of schol facilities was increased, most notably in rural areas, and al new schols were equiped with latrines, the absence of which had discouraged girls' atendance. Schol uniform requirements were droped, lowering family expenses. New secondary schols were increasingly "day" schols, as oposed to traditional boarding secondary schols. Many new female teachers were encouraged to enter the schol system. A scholarship program for girls was instituted to bost secondary level enrolment. The policy of permanently expeling girls who became pregnant was revised to alow girls to return to schol a year after birth. The timing of female initiation ceremonies was adjusted to take place during sumer vacation instead of during the schol year. The primary schol curiculum was revised, with careful atention paid to gender images, and a training program has sensitized teachers to gender biases and provided clasrom techniques for overcoming them.

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