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Type Journal Article - Journal of Development Studies
Title Does Size Matter? Reassessing the Relationship between Aquaculture and Poverty in Bangladesh
Volume 48
Issue 7
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 904-922
URL http://www.researchgate.net/publication/233007948_Does_Size_Matter_Reassessing_the_Relationship_betw​een_Aquaculture_and_Poverty_in_Bangladesh/file/72e7e525e9d2802f61.pdf
Aquaculture has long been promoted by development institutions in Bangladesh on the under-standing that it can alleviate poverty. Most of this attention has focused on forms of the activity commonly referred to as ‘small-scale’. This article draws on concepts from the literature on agricultural growth and elaborates a typology of aquaculture based on relations of production which suggests that, in Bangladesh, quasi-capitalist forms of aquaculture may possess greater potential to reduce poverty and enhance food security than the quasi-peasant modes of production generally assumed to do so. The implications of this conclusion are explored.

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