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Type Journal Article - Medical Science
Title Respiratory dysfunction among adults living with HIV taking anti retroviral treatment and pre-anti retroviral treatment at university of Gondar hospital HIV care clinic, North West, Ethiopia
Volume 6
Issue 19
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 34-39
Among adults living with HIV, greater proportion of mortality and morbidity is attributed to co
morbid like cardio vascular disease
(CVD), diabetes and renal disease with little or no emphasis on respiratory dysfunctions. Now,
it is well
known that HIV affects all
body systems extensively the respiratory system; eventually compromising quality of life through pul
monary complications and
one major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with HIV infection.
Our aim was
to determine the magnitude and associated
factors of respiratory dysfunction among pre ART and ART users living with HIV in Gondar University
hospital HIV care clinic.
Institutional based
study design was conducted and a total of 332 adults
were recruited from patients attending
University of Gondar Hospital HIV care clinic. Data was collected using pre
tested and standardized questionnaire for respiratory
symptoms, medical chart review was done for the clinical characteristics. Respiratory
function was measured using spirometry.
Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression was employed for statistical analysis.
Respiratory dysfunction was 34.9% for ART users
and 21.1% for pre ART group. Smoking, recent CD4 count and MUAC were found to be a
ssociated with respiratory dysfunction in
both groups. Other factors like previous history of pulmonary TB and mid upper arm circumference wer
e significant only in the
ART group.
In summary a significant proportion of people with HIV both who were on
ART and pre ART HIV care follow up were
found to be affected by respiratory dysfunctions. Hence, there is an imperative need to screen respi
ratory dysfunction
collaboratively with the new chest clinic and make it an integral component of HIV care.

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