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Title Costs and Benefits of Labour Mobility between the EU and the Eastern Partnership Partner Countries. Country Report: Armenia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL http://www.case-research.eu/sites/default/files/Armenia country study - final.pdf
he purpose of this study is to explore and assess the costs and benefits of labour
migration in Armenia and the potential of migration for contributing to the country’s
development. We also examine how policy can be effectively formulated and
implemented so that Armenia can get the most out of its migration experience. Lastly,
we analyse how a phenomenon that emerged because of limited opportunities for
employment – migration – evolved into a strategy towards development and prosperity.
Based on this analysis, this paper makes a strong argument in favour of implementing
programs in Armenia that involve the active collaboration of government institutions
and the Armenian Diaspora, duly considering the unusual influence the latter has on
Armenia’s economic and human development.

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