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Type Journal Article - World Environment
Title Exploring Options for Improving Rice Production to Reduce Hunger and Poverty in Kenya
Volume 4
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 172-179
URL http://article.sapub.org/pdf/10.5923.j.env.20140404.03.pdf
This paper aims at finding possible ways of boosting rice production in Kenya. It reviews works from published
peer review articles, agricultural research and development reports from national and international institutions. The
introductory part has established that rice is increasingly becoming a food security crop for most of the developing countries.
According to the statistics available, the rate of rice consumption in Kenya is around 12% per year. The annual production is
around 50,000 metric tons against an annual demand of about 300000 metric tons. This has necessitated the import
dependency ratio to be very high (about 88% in the last decade). It has been observed that through investment in agricultural
research and development, price stabilization and adoption of New Rice for Africa (NERICA), Kenya can be sufficient in
food production.

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