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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Education
Title Factors influencing Parent’s Participation In Early Childhood Development and Education In Pre-Schools: A Case of Lioki Zone, Githunguri district.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://erepository.uonbi.ac.ke/bitstream/handle/11295/10573/Kangara_Factors influencing Parent’s​Participation In Early Childhood.pdf?sequence=4
The central problem of this study was to establish the influence of parents' participation on the
development of ECD Programmes case for Lioki sub-location, Githunguri District. The main focus of the
study was to identify the impact of parents' socio-economic status, education level and marital status and
their impact on development of ECD Programmes. The literature review outlines poverty situation in
Kenya, causes of poverty situation in Kenya, improving child quality, poverty and provision of quality
education, importance of early years in ECD, Education policy, creating synergistic effects of health and
early stimulation, theoretical and conceptual frameworks. The target population comprised of 80
respondents from 5 private and 5 public pre-schools out of 22 pre-schools in the zone. The population
precisely comprised of 10 pre-school head teachers, 80 parents and 90 pre-school children. The sample
enhanced easy management of data as a representative of the whole zone and to draw general
conclusions about the situation from the facts generated. The study adopted field survey design to
investigate the influence of parents' participation in the development of ECD Programmes. The design
helped collect data in its current and natural setting. The research instruments used were a questionnaire
filled by head teachers to give feedback from the pre-schools. The questionnaire consisted of structured
items accompanied by appropriate options from which respondents selected the required responses on
different aspects of the study.

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