What do we know about pro-poor growth and regional poverty in Nigeria?

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research
Title What do we know about pro-poor growth and regional poverty in Nigeria?
Volume 5
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 147-172
URL http://www.ijesar.org/docs/volume5_issue3/regional_poverty_nigeria.pdf
This study investigates the pro-poorness of income growth in Nigeria. Using nationally
representative data for 1996 and 2004, overall income growth in Nigeria was found not to
be pro-poor. The richer segments of the population appropriate greater share of benefits from
economic growth. Household size was a critical determinant of poverty levels. Sector of
employment also impacts on the probability of a household being poor; with those in agriculture
being relatively worse off. The need for smaller family size has to be an integral part of policy
aimed at poverty reduction in Nigeria. The support of the government in creating value in
critical sectors (like agriculture and industry) that employ a large proportion of Nigerians
in order to make growth pro-poor is critical. There is also a need for region-specific policies
addressing the peculiarities of poverty in the different parts of the country. One size does not
fit all. Deliberate effort of the government in redistributing income is also required to ensure
pro-poorness of growth in Nigeria

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