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Type Working Paper - Moldova Regional Livelihoods Study
Title Moldova: co-operation in regional development
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
URL http://opmltesting.ixishosting.co.uk/sites/opml/files/Moldova_Social_Background_Study_Final_Eng_Vers​ion.pdf
The purpose of the study is to look at the social dimensions of Moldova’s three new
development regions; the north, centre and south. The Co-operation in Regional
Development Project (MDRD) funded by DFID and SIDA aims to support the Government of
Moldova (GoM) to implement the regional development law passed in December 2006 and
roll out the (draft) National Strategy for Regional Development (NSRD). The project goal is to
reduce levels of poverty and inequality in Moldova as a result of economic growth. A
weakness of the draft strategies is the lack of economic and social analysis to underpin the
selection of proposed public investment projects. This study will look at livelihood strategies,
opportunities and the social dimensions of public investment, in particular in relation to
poverty reduction, gender and social exclusion. The objective is to answer the question: how
can regional economic development be supported in ways that maximise the impact on the
poor, women and the socially excluded?

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