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Type Working Paper
Title Analysis of state’s responsiveness to child protection issues in Republic of Moldova
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
URL http://pdc.ceu.hu/archive/00006767/01/ExpertGrup2007_Analysis_of_State+s_Responsiveness_to_Child_Pro​tection_Issues_in_Republic_of_Moldova.pdf
Moldova is a relatively young state which has gained its independence in 1991 as result of
the dismantlement of the USSR. Since there it has been experiencing one of the most
difficult and complex transition. In 1991-1999 the Moldovan economy shrank about 70%
and social sector almost collapsed. Since 2000 the economy has been rebounding led by
strong consumption growth which is significantly supported by the migrants’
remittances. While an important factor of poverty reduction and economic growth, the
migration engendered also social consequences which will be more palpable in long-run.
The high and rising number of children living in disintegrated families is one of the most
dramatic results of migration.

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