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Type Working Paper - Women and International Development
Title Health and development policies and the emerging “smart woman” in rural Bangladesh: local perceptions
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
URL http://gencen.isp.msu.edu/documents/Working_Papers/WP286.pdf
Based on findings from two qualitative studies, this paper describes changes in gender norms in Bangladesh from the perspectives of men and women in rural communities and examines their
ideas about the factors driving these changes. Data from in-depth interviews and group discussions on a variety of topics reveal a widespread perception that women are changing, that they are better educated, better informed, more daring, and more resourceful than they used to be. Study participants explained this phenomenon both in terms of adaptation to intensifying problems, such as poverty and population growth, and as a response to new opportunities. They also portrayed policies in the population and health sector as catalysts for changes in gender norms. The authors argue that policy makers should take into consideration the dynamic nature of culture and that they should go further in making gender equity an explicit goal in health and population policy.

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